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Mixtwo is a new game for the iPhone and iPad devices. Similar games are also available on Android tablets and phones. In this game, you are shown 2 pictures. For example one picture might be an oven and the other picture might be a loaf of bread. When you combine the two, you get the answer TOAST. On each level of the game you are also given a certain amount of letters to use for help. Usually the amount of letters you receive is 12. The amount of letters available in the answer are shown in empty boxes.

The Mix Two game also gives you a certain amount of coins for passing each level. You can use these coins to buy additional clues, or even buy the correct answer. Of course, they let you spend real money to buy more coins if you choose to. That is why we created this MixTwo cheats website! We don't want you to spend your precious coins to buy answers for the game. Simploy use our free MixTwo answers website and you will be presented with EVERY possible english word that fits your clue. For instance, if your letters in the game are tginfuhaevrx and the answer word you need is 5 letters long, simply add that information above. When you press 'Enter' you will be presented with all of the possible variations that will fit. In this example, the word you are looking for is TIGER.

MixTwo is a simply amazing game that will keep you satisfied for hours!

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